Thank you for allowing Duncan Bridge Marina Boat Rental to serve your boat rental needs. We are confident that you have chosen the best rental company on Lewis Smith Lake. Not only are our boats and customer service second to none, we also make you and your family’s safety on the water our highest priority.

Below you will find important boating safety guidelines for you to review.

Boating Safety

  • Maintaining safe speed/monitor surroundings/drive defensively/no aggressive maneuvers
  • Maintaining a safe distance from other boats, objects, and people
  • Do not enter the water without a lifejacket on, engine turned off, and key removed
  • Occupants under the age of 8 are required by Alabama Law to wear a USCG approved life jacket at all times while on the boat
  • Conduct a head count before starting engine
  • Always remain seated while the boat is in motion
  • Alabama State Law requires the lanyard of the emergency cutoff switch/kill switch must be attached to the operator, clothing, or PFD of the operator.
  • Engine start and shut-off procedures
  • Dangers of CO2
  • Refueling procedures and engine blower use (if applicable)
  • Boats do not have brakes – stopping the engine will not stop the boat
  • Proper boat anchoring procedures (if applicable)
  • Navigation rules – local laws, regulations, hazards, and navigational markers
  • Be weather aware
  • Put cell phone down while operating boat

Pontoon Safety

  • Keep fingers free from gates and hinges when entering and exiting the boat
  • Keep gates closed and occupants seated inside the gated area at all times when engine is running
  • Towing other boats is not permitted
  • Do not stand or sit on the boat gates or railing
  • Do not put arms or legs between the boat and dock
  • Do not jump off a moving boat