1. Where do I pick up the boat rental? Rental boats will be picked up at Duncan Bridge Marina, 55 Marina Drive, Arley, AL 35541. Phone # (205) 387-1208. Upon arrival at the Marina, park and go into the Marina office building by the boat launch & check-in.
  2. What do I need to rent a boat? To rent a boat you must be at least 21 years of age, provide a valid drivers license, major credit card, and have previous boating experience.
  3. Can someone in my group other than the Renter drive the rental boat? Yes, but ONLY drivers documented at the start of the rental that supplied a valid driver’s license and who have read and signed a liability waver and safety procedures are allowed to operate the rental boat.
  4. Can I bring alcohol on the rental boat? NO. Alcohol is strictly prohibited. On Lewis Smith Lake it is illegal to possess alcohol or be under the influence of alcohol on a watercraft on the lake.
  5. Can I smoke on the rental boat? No. Smoking is strictly prohibited.
  6. Do you provide life jackets?Yes. We provide life jackets for adults only. We DO NOT provide life jackets for children. You must bring your own life jackets for your child(ren).
  7. Do I have to wear a life jacket? Alabama State Law stipulates children 8 years of age or younger are required to wear a life jacket at all times. Also, Duncan Bridge Marina requires any guest who is mentally or physically impaired, elderly, medicated, or those who are not strong swimmers to wear a life jacket at all times.
  8. Do the boats have covers? Yes. All boats have an 8-foot bimini top.
  9. Do you allow pets on the rental boat? No. Absolutely no pets are allowed on the rental boat.
  10. Do you allow grills on the rental boat? No. Grills, cooking, or any open flame is prohibited on the rental boat.
  11. Can I tow a tube with the rental boat? No. Towing of any type of inflatable or water equipment is prohibited. Surfing behind the rental boat is also prohibited.
  12. How many people can I put on the rental boat? The maximum number of occupants is 11. Each boat has a specific maximum occupancy and a weight capacity that may not be exceeded at any time. Children count the same as adults.
  13. Do the boats have radios? All rental boats are Bluetooth-ready.
  14. Is gas included in the rental? No. All rental boats leave the dock with a full tank of fuel. It is the Renter’s responsibility to return the rental boat refueled to full. If the rental boat is returned unfueled, the Renter’s credit card on file will be charged the cost of the fuel plus a fee of $50.
  15. How long can I rent and what time can I start my rental? We offer full-day rentals (up to 9 hours). Rentals begin at 8:00am CST and all boats must be returned by 5:00pm CST. There is a fee if the rental boat is returned late. Upon returning the rental boat, a quick post-rental inspection by a Duncan Bridge Marina employee (with Renter present) must take place before the Renter leaves.